Know where your skills stand

Welcome to adaptive skill measurement. In about five minutes and 20 questions, your employees can validate their skills, benchmark against others in the industry and discover opportunities for growth.

Not your average test

These are tests your team will actually want to take. It’s live, adaptive benchmarking that measures skill level quickly and evolves with technology shifts.



Adaptive skill measurement uses machine learning, Bayesian inference and Item Response Theory to adapt questions to the individual test taker, giving you accurate results in less time.


Questions are developed by the same brilliant minds who produce our courses, so you can rest assured your team is being tested on the right material.


Know your team's current proficiency. Test questions evolve with the industry. So your staff will never be tested on outdated info.  

Benchmark your team's smarts

Adaptive skill measurement shows your team how proficient your employees are compared to other professionals. Whether assessing skill sets or onboarding new hires, knowledge is power.

Each employee takes a test to see how they compare to other professionals on a topic.

They get their skill status and follow the associated skill path to fill gaps in knowledge.

Employees re-test to see how they’ve grown and what else they need to learn.
(coming soon)

Results that tailor the learning experience

Skill measurement is embedded in paths, so your team's results will guide what they should learn next. They'll know where to begin learning to confidently progress their knowledge without wasting time on material they've already mastered.